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Small Plates & Soups


Mozzarella, roasted tomato, basil skewer

Sesame noodles

Bite size beef filet on baguette slices - horseradish sauce or grainy mustard

Vegetable summer rolls - soy dipping sauce

Shrimp cocktail - spicy cocktail sauce

Prosciutto and Melon platter - mozzarella and tomato skewers


Chicken scallion wontons - chili and soy sauce

Beef or chicken satay skewers - variety of sauces

Spanish Chorizo and white figs - balsamic honey sauce

Assorted mini grilled quesadillas - Chorizo and fresh jalapeño - Mushroom and spicy monterey jack cheese - with your choice of veggies

Soy honey beef skewers

Caprese chicken kabobs


Butternut Squash

Traditional matzoh ball soup with chicken

Mexican shrimp cocktail- cucumber- red onion - cilantro - avocado - spicy tomato sauce - plantain chips

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